Article with „Coloured-Point“ coating

12.Oct 2017

Interlining with this coating are perfectly suited for dark shirt fabrics to permanently prevent strike-through.


Article with „Coloured-Point“ coating

In case of fusing interlining on fine shirt fabrics or fabrics with an open construction strike-through of the adhesive may entail. This means, that especially on dark-coloured shirts based on a very fine and transparent shirt fabric, it is possible that the adhesive is shining through the surface of collar and cuffs (so-called “Strike-Through” effect).

To prevent this issue, we recommend our interlining with newly developed “Coloured- Point” coating. These articles have homogeneously coloured coating dots – for a permanent prevention of strike-through. The articles are marked with the suffix „CP“.


base material: 100% CO
colour: available in black (1925) and charcoal (1182)
wash shrinkage: 0,5 bis -1,5%
bonding values: somewhat reduced (due to the black colour content)
weight: available for our interlining with a weight  > 100 g/m²

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