E Line V


Width: 88cm
Weight classes: 120 to 145g/m²
Touch: extra soft
Wash shrinkage: 0,3 to -0,3%
Heat shrinkage: 0 to -0,3%
Base material: 100% CO
Coating: no coating – non fusible


  • Premium Line line made of 100% cotton with special 0% shrink finishing
  • Based on Line E
  • Non fusible highest quality interlining
  • Best grey fabric made of long-stapled cotton
  • Contamination-free yarns
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Made in Europe
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Certificate Nr. 94.0.9377)
  • Uncoated - loosely sewn-in: provides the shirt a “tailored” appearance with either a soft or hard touch - shape stability is always ensured and the loose workmanship does not affect the natural movement of the shirt fabric
  • Special non-shrink finishing to aim 0% shrinkage
  • In various colours
  • Individual small lots/ quantities possible, e.g. special colours, special coating or special handfeel variations

Care instructions

For garments in which this type of interlining is used, depending on the fabric of the garment, the following washing and ironing temperatures should not be exceeded:

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