We work lawfully and ethically. As a company, we promote respectful cooperation and transparent business processes.

Code of Conduct

Correct and respectful interactions are important to us. Therefore we summarised the most important codes of behaviour and guidelines in a code of conduct. This applies to our daily work and our professional relationships. The Code of Conduct is binding for our subsidiaries and branches around the world.

SA8000 ®-Standard

Certification to SA8000 ®-Standard (Social Accountability 8000) in China means we fulfil the globally recognised management and certification systems. The certification programme deals with topics such as child labour, forced labour and discrimination, work safety, and the limitation of working hours.


We are transparent in all our business concerns. As a reliable supplier we are regularly inspected by garment manufacturers at all our locations. The various audits include, for example, looking at the working conditions of our employees, their work safety and adherence to fire regulations.

Human rights and core labour standards

We maintain the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, as well as the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). For example, we categorically reject coercive and child labor, discrimination, corruption and bribery.