A path of change and innovation

Since our foundation in 1843, we have undergone continuous development: from a contract finisher to a vertically integrated textile company and finally to a leading specialist in interlinings. Our unwavering passion for textiles has always guided us and paved the way for our success today.


What we stand for

"Right from the start, we stand for reliability, consistent quality and competent advice. We work worldwide, are innovative and act quickly and punctually. Our steady growth has continued over the years of the company's history and shows that the chosen path was the right one."

Dr. Gerhart Wendler, Chairman Wendler Group


Beginnings as a contract finisher. Dyer Eberhard Renz acquires a workshop
with a textile mangle for bleaching and dyeing cotton fabrics.


The foundation of “Wendler Brothers” (Gebrüder Wendler) by Eberhard Wendler (Renz´s grandson). Just 11 years later (by 1907) the company consisted of
4 production facilities for spinning, weaving, and finishing at 3 different locations.


Growth phase by producing shirting fabrics. The "black rose" develops into the strongest brand on the German shirt market within only 2 years.


Hugo Wendler and Gerhard Lohrer found Wendler Interlining ("Wendler Einlagen GmbH & Co. KG"). The company ceased its shirting production
due to wage competition in Asia. However, the company
continues operating its successful interlining department. The business specialises in high quality woven interlining fabrics for shirts and blouses.


After the relocation of shirt production from Central Europe to Asia, Wendler Interlining founds its first subsidiary in Hong Kong - "Wendler Interlining Hong Kong Limited" - to be close to its customers.


Dr. Gerhart Wendler joins the company aged 33
(6th generation).


Wendler expands its product range to non-iron shirt fabrics.


The Wendler headquarters moves from the city centre to the “Mark West” industrial area of Reutlingen.


Set up of an Wendler Interlining subsidiary in China with an opening of a production mill due to significantly increasing market demand for the Asian lines.


Wendler Interlining starts production in Bangladesh. Establishment of a Wendler hub at one of the key production locations in Asia.


Establishment of a Wendler Interlining subsidiary in India - another textile hotspot in the world - with its own production facilities.


Frank Sailer is the new Managing Director. He succeeds Gerhard Lohrer as Managing Director.


Edith Wendler joins as the company. She represents the 7th generation of the Wendler family.


Foundation of an Italian subsidiary for quick-response supply and efficient on-site technical support in one of the global key markets for “High-Fashion”.


Wendler Interlining´s first “Green Factory”. Opening of the first sustainable production facility in the Vietnamese province of Quang Nam. The site is wholly owned by Wendler Interlining.


In February 2022, a new chapter was opened with the founding of our own subsidiary Wendler Interlining Bangladesh Ltd. The construction of our own sustainable production facility is being planned.