From collar stays to stabilise collar tips to dye powder for fast testing through to peel strength testers - we have the suitable accessories for optimal quality assurance and processing methods.

Collar stays

Collar stays ensure stable collar tips and give your shirt collar shape and stability. We offer two types, both of which are attached to an uncoated interlining. Both collar stays are inserted into the collar during the sewing process after it has been turned, and then attached by using top stitching.

Type B

Application: sewn-in with point and rounded edge
Base Material: Mylar on 100% CO interlining
Width: 9 mm
Length: 50 or 54 mm
Thickness: 0,3 mm

Type C

Application: sewn-in with points on both sides
Base material: Mylar on 100% CO interlining
Width: 9 mm
Length: 50, 55, 60 or 65 mm
Thickness: 0,3 mm

Neocarmin powder

This fibre reagent is perfect for quality assurance - special staining allows tests to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

  • Fast tests
  • Determination of fibre and coating types
  • Evaluation of coating dots

Thermo-measuring strips

For a smooth fusing process, it is important to checking the glue line temperature of the fusing press regularly. Thermo-measuring strips are a quick and simple tool to help with this process and to control the correct fusing temperatures.

  • Chemically reactive paper thermometer
  • Easy to use
  • Colour indicator provides a clear result
  • Colour change is irreversible
  • Reaction time is less than 1 second
  • Precision of the imprinted value is around +/- 1%

Peel strength tester


During quality assurance, the peel off values are an important part of our product inspection. In order to be able to test the peel strength of interlining fused onto the shell fabric also during our customer visits, we have developed a handy peel strength tester.


The floor-mounted appliance for your laboratory! Fusible interlining has to be tested for peel off values during goods inspection and prior to series production. We have developed a large peel strength tester device for these quality assurance measures

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