Seam Tapes

We offer reliable quality and a wide range of products for stabilizing seams on armholes, sides, yokes, shoulders, sleeves, pockets and belt loops. They are ideal for challenging fabrics such as delicate or open weaves materials.

We have seam tapes in different weights and materials - HDPE mesh or film, knitted, woven and non-woven. All seam tapes can be cut to the required width, ensuring easy application for flawless production and perfect garments.


AH Tape - Mesh/Net

A real all-rounder: The mesh structure gives a textile handfeel and integrates wonderfully into the seams.

AHF Tape - Film

Regardless of whether it’s an open weave or dark fabric material - this transparent tape is easy to handle. Ideal for shirt fabrics that tend to strike through.

N20 Tape

For stronger seams and longer hold! With a straight cut band for seam reinforcement, this tape is often used in hems as well.

N22 Tape

This reinforcement tape is characterised by a quilted seam in the middle - it is fusible and has an extra soft touch.