Improve seam strength and seam appearance of your shirts and blouses with our fusible tapes - whether it’s for armholes, side seams, yokes or breast pockets.

AH Tape

A real all-rounder: The mesh structure gives a textile handfeel and integrates wonderfully into the seams.

AHF Tape

Regardless of whether it’s an open weave or dark fabric material - this transparent tape is easy to handle. Ideal for shirt fabrics that tend to strike through.

N20 Tape

For stronger seams and longer hold! With a straight cut band for seam reinforcement, this tape is often used in hems as well.

N22 Tape

This reinforcement tape is characterised by a quilted seam in the middle - it is fusible and has an extra soft touch.

ST Tape

The high elasticity and particularly soft touch make this tape ideal for wrinkle-free shirts.