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25.Nov 2020

Solvency certificate - Creditreform

Once again, Wendler Einlagen in Germany received the Creditreform Solvency certificate.

10.Aug 2020

Disclosure Statement on modern slavery

We would like to emphasize on the fact that Wendler Interlining Group’s “Code of Conduct” is defined by a zero tolerance policy on any kind of modern slavery.

1.Jun 2020

Production of Wendler face masks and sewing sets

In response to increased demand and the strong downturn in the global apparel industry, we had the idea to support the production of face masks by manufacturing own masks.

22.Jun 2020

1.3 million cuttings for protective equipment

On the basis of our expertise in cutting and textiles acquired over decades, we also made our contribution to the production of protective equipment.

1.Jun 2020

Wendler Italy is fully available for you again!

After a long shut-down due to the high COVID-19 infection rates, we are now fully available for you again.

29.Apr 2020

Wendler donates face masks

As a small regional contribution to protect the citizens, we donated a total of 300 masks.

27.Apr 2020

Wendler Sewing set

Wendler sewing set for 5 face masks based on 100% cotton fabric including insertion pocket for additional filtering material, Made in Germany.

14.Apr 2020

Wendler // Face Mask

Wendler offers face masks based on 100% cotton including insertion pocket for additional filtering material.

23.Mar 2020

Support for the production of face masks

We are ready to provide fast and unconventional support for the production and provision of protective face masks.

17.Mar 2020

COVID-19 special message

With today’s newsletter we would like to inform you how WENDLER EINLAGEN is dealing with this situation from our headquarters‘ location in Reutlingen/Germany.