COVID-19 special message

17.Mar 2020

Special message regarding COVID-19

Dear Business Partners,

We are all together confronted with the dynamic development of COVID-19 and the changes in our daily life implied by this complex issue.

With today’s newsletter we would like to inform you how WENDLER EINLAGEN is dealing with this situation from our headquarters‘ location in Reutlingen/Germany.

Obviously, it is essential for all our customers and business partners to ensure the best possible flow of our entire work processes.

How do we ensure the usual support for our customers within the given situation and how do we take care of the health of our employees?

  • In general

Wendler Einlagen has set up an emergency committee to review Corona virus situation by every day. Necessary and possible measures are taken based on an emergency concept which has been elaborated for this extraordinary situation.

  • Can WENDLER EINLAGEN ensure the production and logistic flow as well as our general technical support?

Yes! All business departments are involved in the daily process and – whereever possible – are supported by a backup team working from home office. With this, we ensure the entire production and delivery process with our logistic partners – no matter if rolls in full widths or pre-cut parts. They inform us continously about the delivery situation in the domestic German market and in all destination countries within our export business dealt from Germany.

In this context, you may also be interested to learn that we have managed to get back to an almost normal work flow at Wendler Interlining Asia after the experiences by the time from the outbreak of the pandemic back in January.

Based on these experiences we have now set the emergency concept for our headquarters in Reutlingen/Germany and for all supply chain activities and deliveries from there in order to ensure the functionality and work flow of all processes.

  • Can we keep our delivery capability?

Yes! Thanks to our high warehouse stock levels for raw material and finished products in almost all product categories and the defined adjustments of all work processes, we are able – as things stand today – to continue with our deliveries in ongoing coordination with our logistic partners and within shortest possible lead times depending on local circumstances.

  • Can we keep on going with our technical services?

Yes! Our cutting mill as well as our Quality department are working in a usual manner. Therefore, pre-cuts are being produced according to order situation and laboratory tests are entirely made to ensure the ongoing high quality standard of our products.

  • Will consignments arrive within the given lead time?

We are in ongoing coordination with our logistic partners as well as with our pre-suppliers in eventual cases of suppy bottle-necks. In such cases, we will inform you instantly.

All adopted measures are according to the status quo of information. Situative changes are constantly reassessed by our emergency committee.

In case of questions and for any uncertainty that may occur, please contact our Sales team – no matter whether in our HQ offices or at home office. Either by email, by phone at the frontdesk (+49-7121-5106-0) or by the mobile phone number of your direct Sales contact person.

We sincerely hope that we hereby clarified all open questions and that we will manage all together to overcome this extraordinary challenging situation.

Stay healthy!

Best regards out of Reutlingen

Peter Heim - Sales Director International

Raphael Hofmann - Sales Director Europe