Cleft children in Vietnam

1.Dec 2020

Giving cleft children in Vietnam a smile again

We have decided to support the work of "German Cleft Children's Aid Association", especially in Vietnam, as we have a special connection to this country through our economic commitment and our newly built factory (2020). We chose this project because it not only gives cleft children access to safe, high-quality and comprehensive treatment, but also gives them the chance of social acceptance, a "normal" childhood and the chance to attend school. In this way, we can give the children a smile again and the prospect of a better life.

German Cleft Children's Aid Association

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Christmas fundraising campaign by German Cleft Children's Aid Association

German Cleft Children's Aid Association has launched a very special Christmas fundraising campaign. Donations can be made, smiles can be won, and tickets can be purchased in return for a donation until December 24. A smile ticket costs 1 Euro. The aim of the campaign is to enable a large number of "cleft children" to have an operation before Christmas. One operations costs 250 Euros or 250 lot. The best part: with every ticket, you automatically take part in a lucky draw and have the chance to win one of five great prizes from the German Cleft Children's Aid Association.