Die cuts

Our in-house cutting service in Reutlingen die-cuts collar and cuff interlining pre-cuts for you - precisely tailored to your requirements and in any combination of materials.

Pre-cut interlining for collars

We support you in selecting the suitable collars. Together we choose the suitable style of collar from our extensive repertoire, e.g.:

  • Kent collar
  • Cut-away collar
  • Tuxedo collar
  • Piccadilly collar
  • Button-down collar
  • Stand-up collar

We recommend the suitable interlining parts depending on the selected shape of the collar:

  • Top collar basic/skin interlining
  • Top collar patch/reinforcement
  • Collar band - inside and outside
  • Collar band patch/reinforcement
  • Corner patches

and accordingly the suitable material combinations.

Pre-cut interlining for cuffs

Classic, fashionable or elegant? We have the suitable cuff style for your shirt. Whether your cuffs are straight, round, cornered or notched - we find the suitable pre-cut style:

  • Sport cuff
  • Combi cuff
  • Spade cuff
  • French cuff

To emphasise the character of the cuff, we would be glad to assist you in selecting the suitable interlining.

Pre-cut interlining for bias tapes

Customized bias tapes are the best basis for a ready-made interlining solution. Use this advantage for your front plackets as it means: more efficiency in your production flow.

Pre-cut interlining for button-down-reinforcement

The perfect support for your button-down collars! The little reinforcement from our E-Line provides the necessary strength and shape stability. This prevents the shirt fabric from tearing out.

Pre-cut interlining for pocket flaps

A chest pocket flap requires strength and shape stability - especially when a buttonhole or a pen pocket is also included. Our interlining provides the perfect stability and a flawlessly smooth appearance.

Pre-cut interlining for epaulettes

No matter whether you wear uniform or casual shirts - shoulder flaps require stable and shaping reinforcement. Appearance and longevity are guaranteed by using our fusible interlining. We die-cut in any desired size.


On request, we can provide a cardboard template of the interlining pattern for your selected collar or cuff style. By using the template you can easily prepare the perfect paper pattern of your collar. The result is a coherent collar made of shirt fabric and interlining.

Sewing patterns

As a basis for your production and sewing processes, we offer you tailored sewing patterns of our collar and cuff styles - including stitching profile. By using these sewing sketches you achieve the very best manufacture result.

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