Test laboratory

We continuously practice various quality tests and analyses in our in-house test laboratories. We would be pleased to use our testing options for your individual requirements, too.

Constant quality control

We guarantee high and stable shades of white, excellent shrinkage values and uniform bond strength for optimal workmanship and functionality of our shirt interlining materials. Globally, in our in-house laboratories our products are tested in compliance with our high and worldwide uniform quality standards. We guarantee high quality – anytime and anywhere.

Laboratory analysis and reports

We conduct fusing and washing tests with your shirt fabrics and our interlining. The results are compiled into a lab report and according to our results we advise you an optimal interlining and shirt fabric process.

Analysis and tests

We are pleased to analyse and test ready-made shirts for you. This allows to determine which interlining has been used. We check the precise process by using our detailed test procedures. We summarise all results in a qualified lab report. We will also recommend alternative products, if suitable.

"Many years of experience makes Wendler to a fast operating and reliable partner. This is our benefit."

Mark Bezner - CEO, Olymp Bezner KG, Germany

Your benefits

  • Globally valid quality standards
  • Processing recommendations after extensive analysis
  • Globally uniform test procedures
  • Consistently high quality
Alexander  Hauser

We will gladly advise you

Alexander Hauser Senior Sales Manager E alexander.hauser@wendlerinside.com