Textile cutting service and cutting mill

Customized solutions due to our in-house cutting mill! We produce die-cuts as well as tapes quickly and efficiently. Besides we offer templates and sewing patterns for the best manufacturing result.

Cutting mill

We produce pre-fabricated collar pre-cuts, cuffs, button-down reinforcements, pocket flaps and many other die-cutted small parts. You can choose from a huge selection of styles - or provide your own. Our die-cutted interlining offer the best way for ready-made solutions: We produce made-to-measure.

Textile cutting service

In our cutting service we cut tapes and bands of all types according to your desired widths: Whether for front plackets, bias tapes, waistbands, or seam stabilisation for armholes, side seams, yokes or breast pockets, we have the right solution to suit your specific needs.

Manufacturing support

Have you chosen one of our collar or cuff styles? If requested, we will gladly provide you our corresponding interlining template. We also provide you a dimensioned sewing pattern - including stitching profile. That´s the basis for perfect collar or cuff manufacturing.

"As longterm business partners we appreciate Wendler's high integrity. A guaranteed just-in-time delivery, for example, does not only save time, but also saves unexpected costs."

Carsten Holk - Head of Purchasing, Seidensticker Logistik GmbH, Germany

Your benefits

  • Fast and flexible production
  • Short-term delivery capability
  • Complete interlining portfolio available
  • Templates and sewing patterns, free of charge
  • Customized manufacturing solutions
  • Large fleet of machines with a huge variety of collar styles and dye-knives
  • Precise commissioning
  • No storage in manufacturing area
Alexander  Hauser

We will gladly advise you

Alexander Hauser Senior Sales Manager E alexander.hauser@wendlerinside.com