Line 3600 EL


Width: 102cm
Weight classes: 110 to 225g/m²
Touch: extra soft and brushed
Wash shrinkage: 0,5 to -2,0%
Heat shrinkage: max. ± 0,5%
Base material: 100% CO
Coating: 100% HDPE powder


  • Basic Line made of 100% cotton with special elastic finishing
  • Based on Line 3600
  • Fusible valuable interlining
  • Grey fabric made of OE yarn
  • Made in Asia
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Certificate Nr. HKWO 086307)
  • Single coated – for fusing to shirt fabrics: simplifies processing in the sewing process, provides permanent stability, flawless correct appearance, pleasant wearing comfort and high shape stability
  • Wash shrinkage between 0.5 and -2.0%, same as our Basic Line 3600
  • Particularly suitable for collar bands, as interlining is stretchable in the weft direction
  • Elasticity of 10% with a tensile force of 20N
  • Interlining and shirt fabric have to be processed in the weft direction
  • Suitable only for plain shirt fabrics (due to weft processing)
  • Additional brushed finishing provides maximum softness and therefore wearing comfort, even with closed collar
  • Wide choice of colours

Care instructions

For garments in which this type of interlining is used, depending on the fabric of the garment, the following washing and ironing temperatures should not be exceeded:

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Alexander  Hauser


Alexander Hauser Senior Sales Manager E