Line SE 600


Width: 150cm
Weight classes: 20 to 95g/m²
Touch: soft
Wash shrinkage: 0,5 to -1,5%
Heat shrinkage: max. ± 0,5%
Base material: 100% PES
Coating: PA double spot


  • Basic Synthetic Line made of 100% polyester
  • Single coated
  • Plain weave or cross twill fabric
  • Made in Asia
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Certificate Nr. HKWO 086307)
  • Coated - for fusing to shirt fabrics: simplifies processing in the sewing process, provides permanent stability, flawless correct appearance, pleasant wearing comfort and high shape stability
  • PA double spot coating
  • Can be pressed under low temperature fusing conditions
  • Very lightweight interlining for ladies´ blouses, e.g. chiffon, or for (casual) shirts with wrinkle recovery or easy iron finishing
  • Generally suitable for front plackets
  • Soft handfeel
  • Available in white, optical white and black