Our new cutting machine

15.Apr 2019

Our new cutting machine

Our in-house cutting service in Reutlingen cuts collar and cuff interlining  - precisely customized to your requirements and in any material combination. We are using die-knives or our brand-new Gerber cutter. 

Choose from our assortment: pre-cut interlining for collars, cuffs, bias tapes, button-down collars, pocket flaps and epaulettes in any size. 

Upon request, we can provide you with an interlining pattern of your selected collar or cuff shape as cardboard template and/or digital CAD template. By using the template, you can construct the perfect cut for your collar. The result is a harmonious collar of outer fabric and interlining. 

As a basis for your production and sewing processes, we offer you sewing patterns of our collar and cuff styles – with stitching profile. Based on these patterns, you will get an optimal ready-to-wear result.



Peter Heim

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