CEC Opening

6.Jul 2020

Opening of our Customer Experience Centre - Asia (CEC)

Hong Kong. Our new Customer Experience Centre – Asia (CEC) has been open since 6th July 2020. By moving to our new site at Kwai Chung, we have been merging our commercial and technical teams. This move has been vital to drive innovation and to further strengthening and developing our business relationships with brand-owners and vendors.

Our CEC open plan working environment provides a highly efficient platform for managing our Asian teams equally collaborating successfully with our colleagues in Europe. The alignment of commercial and technical expertise drives our service offering to the next level!

Our primary services at CEC are Customer Test Reporting, Customer Mock-up Service, Non-Iron Shirts Testing, Product Training, Technical Workshops and Technical Consulting in general. A comprehensive portfolio of technical capabilities such as Interlining Fusing, Seam-Tape Fusing, Sewing, Enzyme and Garment Dye Washing, Bonding Strength Measurements, Shrinkage Definition, DP rating and much more are underpinning our technical services.

Market differentiation is key for our customers, hence one of our main drivers at CEC is customized Innovation with potential exclusivity for our business partners. The market trends and consumer behaviour have changed considerably, which also offers new opportunities for us. "Fast fashion" might trend towards "slow fashion" over time, enhancing medium and premium market segments. Ecological challenges have become more obvious and are driving force to innovate around sustainability. Wendler's cotton interlining, a natural product, fully supports innovation and product development within this challenging but highly exciting application segment. Responsible and environmentally friendly interlining manufacturing drives Wendler’s corporate sustainability strategy aiming to achieve carbon-neutral emission status.

Wendler Hong Kong’s Team is looking for joint innovation work with brand-owners and vendors, aiming to be involved in the development process at the earliest possible stage and turning these opportunities together into reality.

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