School Project in Bangladesh

14.Dec 2018

We support a project for disadvantaged children in Northern Bangladesh.


Quality Education for Deprived Children in Northern Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of potential: Over 160 million people live in Bangladesh. Even its economy is developing positively during the last years, yet 2.6 million children have not any access to education. On average, young people at public schools hardly learn to read and write properly.

Especially the Northern region is neglected. The poorest regions of the country are at the border to Assam/India where the infrastructure is insufficient, flood control lacking and education is poorly available.

We fully support Childaid Network. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing good quality education for deprived children in this region.

With the latest Childaid Network project in Bangladesh

  • 18.000 children will receive access to good education
  • 60 schools will be equipped with learning material and books
  • 240 teachers are being trained


The school project will be funded 2019-2022 with a total of 666.667 Euros. Every Euro from Childaid Network is hereby quadrupled by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

In celebration of the 175 years jubilee of the Wendler company we have contributed € 17.500 to this school project in Bangladesh. Hereby we want to support the access to education for children who, through more knowledge and skills, have better life perspectives.

Below you can download the latest project report.

More information about Childaid Network you find under