Especially the waistband needs to fit well and has to offer a high degree of comfort. With our fusible interlining, you also obtain a high and consistent quality and a nice appearance.

Our recommendations

If the waistband is reinforced with a fusible interlining, a higher shape stability is garanteed. Furthermore it prevents deformation and ensures precise seams. The result? A higher quality and a visual upgrade.

Choose a fusible interlining that suits to the type of waistband or trousers - for optimised quality and appearance.

  • Soft and stretchable polyester filament fabric, e.g. for denim or chino trousers
  • Textured multi-elastic woven polyester fabric - particularly suitable for trousers with garment dyeing, bleaching or enzyme washing
  • Medium-soft straight cut band made of a viscose/polyester blend for flat weaves such as classic suit trousers

Your benefits

  • Perfect fit
  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • High waistband shape stability
  • Visual enhancement
Alexander  Hauser

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