Uniform shirt

Uniform shirts need to look flawless, because uniforms always represent a company’s image and a profession. Our interlining ensures a perfect performance.

Our recommendations

For an optimal appearance, a special attention should be paid to pocket and shoulder flaps, in addition to collars and cuffs. Uniform shirts are also mostly in white or light colour. This means that a high level of colour stability is definitely a must.

  • Fusible interlining is perfect for dimensionally stable collars, cuffs, flaps or epaulettes
  • Uncoated interlining – if required - is suitable from medium-weights upwards
  • A wide range of white colours with high and stable shades of whiten for bright shirts
  • Guaranteed flawless, white appearance
  • WP, IL and V finishings are ideal for frequent washing and drying
  • Industrial laundry washing possible
  • Optionally with formaldehyde-free finishing F - perfect for companies who keep an eye on sustainability, and for school uniforms as well
  • Suitable high quality shirt fabrics from our shirt fabric range

Whether it’s school uniform or workwear, those who value sustainability can use our formaldehyde-free interlining.


Your benefits

  • Stable and high degree of whiteness
  • Optimal fit
  • Flawless appearance
  • High dimensional stability

Our experts recommend the following products for uniform shirts. Do you have any special requirements or questions? Together, we will find the right solution.

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