Business shirt

The premium segment of shirts. Whether it’s high-end, classic, fashionable or formal, we provide a wide range of interlining for your business shirt.

Our recommendations

Based on many years of experience, we know what your business shirts need - always perfectly matching to the character of the shirt.

  • Lightweight to medium-weight interlining for fashionable and formal shirts
  • Medium-weight to heavy interlining for classic to high-end shirts
  • Combinations of fusible and non-fusible interlinings are possible
  • Cuffs may have the same basic interlining as the top collar skin
  • For business shirts we recommend an additional layer of interlining as reinforcement (patch)
  • Lightweight interlining for front plackets - such as fusible cotton or polyester interlining
  • Soft and brushed finishings ensure the shirt is soft and comfortable to wear
  • For light shirts we recommend our white colour range, which also guarantees stable shades of whiteness
  • Optionally with formaldehyde-free finishing F - perfect for companies who keep an eye on sustainability
  • All of our shirt fabric variants are suitable for business shirts

Conclusion: As higher the quality of the shirt should be, as more important is the composition of the suitable interlining combination for all components.


Your benefits

  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stable and high shades of whiteness
  • Versatile varieties for best interlining combination

Our experts recommend the following products for business shirts. Do you have any special requirements or questions? Together, we will find the right solution.

Alexander  Hauser

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Alexander Hauser Senior Sales Manager E